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17-A Naib Qasid appointment

August 03, 2015 - I paid bribe to a School clerk worth 18000 Rs for the appointment of 17-A Naib Qasid seat in Government High School. Now they are demanding more money for Pay orders, which must be issued from A G Of....  Read More

for bill correction

July 02, 2015 - Last month Wapda charged us extra units and we complained but they did not correct it and recently they demanded for bribe and I paid ....  Read More

To carry more cigarettes than allowed

December 08, 2011 - I was traveling to the United Kingdom, when the Airport Security checked my bags, and saw that I was carrying 4 cartons of cigarettes, when only 2 were allowed. Since I didn't have a phone to call bac....  Read More

No Insurance Form

February 20, 2015 - The traffic police guy asked if I had an insurance form because he was running out of things that should have been missing but weren't because I am a responsible citizen and a driver. I told him that ....  Read More

Non Custom Car

November 30, -0001 - I was driving a noncustom LandCruiser V8 on Lahore Ring Road I was stopped and asked for papers,the number plate was that of my corolla so they said the car is kabbli. I gave all five men 5,000 each....  Read More

make passport

October 03, 2014 - سلام علیکم۔میں 3 ستمبر کو کوٹلی آزاد کشمیر پاسپورٹ آفس میں پاسپورٹ بنانے گیا تو وہاں انٹر ہوتے ہی پیسے لینے شر....  Read More

Traffic Offense

June 24, 2014 - Was talking in my phone whilst driving. Totally guilty. Didn't have time to go through the process as had a guest in the car so paid the cops cash and moved on. ....  Read More

We were asked to pay the 10% of the total beneficial amount

June 08, 2014 - We were asked to pay 10% of land compensation government was announced. First thing we lost our father and then to do the required paper work so that we can get the compensation is not their work- i....  Read More


June 03, 2014 - I made a wrong turn coming from Gulberg This cop came sprinting from nowhere. He advised me that I had taken a wrong turn, I said I didnt know and that tgere was no sign. He didnt care. He asked me to....  Read More

Traffic Police

January 28, 2014 - My family and I were driving back from Sargodha. I am well aware of the speed limits and the police who patrol near the Naivasha entrance junction. So am very sure I couldnt have been speeding, and mo....  Read More

Police at Parklands

January 16, 2014 - Made an illegal u-turn at sarit center and the police stopped me, got into the car and said that they want to take me to the station. I gave them Cash 500 and they let me go.....  Read More

Soft Targets

January 16, 2014 - My rider was arrested on a framed up charge and forced to pay a bribe....  Read More

International Driving License

December 09, 2013 - Need an International Driving License. Got hold of a clerk who asked for Rs. 2500 to it made same day. I filled out the form, handed over my photographs, copy of my regular driving license. I the....  Read More

I was looted by two policemen at the door of Police station

November 29, 2013 - I am a government servant and a responsible citizen. On friday when i was back from my office Makro Lucky Star Saddar, unfortunately i was forgot my bag at office along my bike papers and wallet too, ....  Read More

gas meter

October 09, 2013 - dear sir , my old meter was faulty and i reported it to authority for replacement and haneef who is owrker in sui gas took 25000 and replaced meter but he did not pay to samee khan sun engineer and he....  Read More

Traffic Offense

September 24, 2013 - Today is generally a bad day. I was overspeeding, i was talking on the phone and generally was not in the mood for conversation( all caused by married life, most men can understand this). So when the ....  Read More

Going back to UK

September 04, 2013 - Travelling with my parents we were going back to Manchester. As soon as we entered the airport a senior official approached me for money. It was to get us through to check in. I refused as the better....  Read More

Mechanic's wrong timing

August 19, 2013 - Having a bad day, i decided to call my mechanic but he didn't answer my call. So he calls me back and just after having second thoughts I answer. A random cop on a bike decides today is his lucky day.....  Read More

Traffic sign

August 18, 2013 - I went to an unfamiliar area and was looking for a clients office in the process i took a wrong turn on a minor and the cop seemed to have been waiting....  Read More


August 19, 2013 - Cops stopped us and claimed we were speeding. Embarrassing us when we have tourists on board and even wanting to have them locked up. I had to pay 1000/ to stop that from happening. This is my livelih....  Read More

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